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Brooke's Books

The Mango Tree by Brooke Smith

What it's like!

Becoming a published author has been the journey of a lifetime. Discovering coaching is a gift from the universe!

That first publishing contract validated my writing skills! I felt accomplished. My ego *SANG*! 

Reading to 4th and 5th-grade classrooms and participating in their writing accomplishments, answering their questions, and hearing about their creative success is my Big "Why." 


What I didn't realize as I wrote and published my books was that the best part of my writing process would be connecting with my audience. Watching people tear up while standing in the back of the room during a reading because my words have touched them in some way has been such a reward! These are some of the unrecognized goals that  I work alongside my clients to discover while coaching them through their personal writing journey.

Writer's coaching allows me to participate in your writing success. This is what I thrive on! I want you to feel great throughout the process, pen-to-paper; manuscript-to-publication!

While you navigate the current step you're on (writing, or figuring out the vulnerability-block, or discovering your tone),  I hold the tools for your next step toward publication. Together we gently untangle those blocks so you feel FREE throughout your writing journey!

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