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In this sweet story, The Mango Tree grows while discovering inspiration and development from somewhere within itself, but also from the surrounding world. The Mango Tree tells a story of growth and perspective; of love and fear; of strength and protection – all hidden within the perfect little body of one small seed. While The Mango Tree matures to reach its full potential, it learns lessons of gratitude and acceptance along the way. What will you discover while reading about The Mango Tree and its many transformations?

The Tortoise and the Flair

Julieta is a spectacular, sparkly, social tortoise. She has a passion for creativity. The thing she likes making most is her flair to wear!

          Julieta makes friends wherever she goes, and she shares her compassion with everyone she meets. One day, Julieta is missing from her circle of friends. When her friends find her, they notice Julieta is feeling low, low, low. How can Julieta's friends help her to feel sunny again?

          The Tortoise and the Flair shares with readers the highs and the lows that everyone knows. Together, Julieta and her friends are able to feel what they need to feel as they find true happiness through friendship.


Brinley Discovers Santa:

A bold introduction to the meaning behind

Santa Claus

Riding the bus home one day, Brinley is teased for believing in Santa Claus. Pondering the words that were said, Brinley chooses to face the facts and along with support from mom, makes a choice which ultimately changes the spirit of Santa forever – and for the better! In this story, Brinley faces some hard facts and makes a choice to participate in random acts of kindness and to carry forward the true spirit of Santa every day.


Are you ready to jump out of the fishbowl? Are you tired of what you’ve been swimming in? Do you want to be inspired? If you are experiencing a transition in your life, this is the perfect book for you.

     The 101 articles in this book guide you through personal stories to overcome the challenges we all face. The authors are teachers, coaches, and those who have made it their mission to inspire the world with their wisdom. In this book, you will: Experience heartfelt personal stories of growth and transformation; Shift your mindset around fear, anxiety, stress, illness, abuse, and loss; Explore new possibilities and gain new understandings; and Be reminded that you are never alone.


What it's like!

Becoming a published author has been the journey of a lifetime. Discovering coaching is a gift from the universe!

That first publishing contract validated my writing skills! I felt accomplished. My ego *SANG*! 

Reading to 4th and 5th-grade classrooms and participating in their writing accomplishments, answering their questions, and hearing about their creative success is my Big "Why." 


What I didn't realize as I wrote and published my books was that the best part of my writing process would be connecting with my audience. Watching people tear up while standing in the back of the room during a reading because my words have touched them in some way has been such a reward! These are some of the unrecognized goals that  I work alongside my clients to discover while coaching them through their personal writing journey.

Writer's coaching allows me to participate in your writing success. This is what I thrive on! I want you to feel great throughout the process, pen-to-paper; manuscript-to-publication!

While you navigate the current step you're on (writing, or figuring out the vulnerability-block, or discovering your tone),  I hold the tools for your next step toward publication. Together we gently untangle those blocks so you feel FREE throughout your writing journey!

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