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Opening my first box of books!
Selling my books at a Blockparty
Superfans with The Mango Tree!
Warren Smith holding his letter of publication!
Brooke & Julieta Tortoise during a classroom visit!

When offered a book contract, I was thrilled! I was finally being recognized for my writing talents! I will never forget the feeling of opening that box of my very own freshly published books! It was a feeling of success and fulfilled yearning!

I learned a lot by publishing with a traditional publisher:

  • Their Marketing strategy;

  • How they funnel authors into bookstores;

  • Website development;

  • Royalty distribution;

  • Printing and Distributing;

  • Events!

           About a year after Brinley Discovers Santa was released, my publisher went out of business. They offered me the chance to purchase the rights to my book. Without question, I did. They emailed the PDF copy of my book. I downloaded it to a thumb drive and sat with it for about six months.

          One day while holding that thumb drive in my hand, I asked myself “What am I going to do with this now?”

My publisher’s bankruptcy turned out to be a fun

and informative opportunity for me!

          I looked into self-publishing. There's a lot of information out there. I did a lot of research and learned that it took very little effort or money to upload and self-publish my book. Within just a few days, my book was republished under my Wonder Storm Productions, LLC!

          Have you ever Googled, “How to publish a book”? Daunting, right? There are hundreds of different ways to publish a book, and a million do's and don'ts. Everyone has an opinion, but there's only one that really matters - yours! What do you want? How do you want it? I can help you play toward the goals you decide on because I have navigated both traditional and self-publishing worlds.

          I understand the steps toward publishing and am able to hold those answers for you while you walk through the step you are currently navigating.

  • I have been both traditionally and self-published and have respect for both;

  • The term Writer's Block can mean many different things - I'll help you figure out those blocks when they arise so you can continue writing toward your goal;

  • You will learn to understand your personal Why: The real reason you’re an aspiring author!

  • We'll venture through the writing process (from pen-to-paper; manuscript-to-publishing) joyfully and playfully;

  • You'll learn about copyright and the library of congress control number (LCCN);

  • My day-job is librarianship – I can help get your book on the shelf;

  • My team consists of layout & design artists, illustrators, and editors;

  • I understand both sides of the publishing process because I’ve navigated them both successfully!

          Publishing a book might look overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. I hold the step-by-step tools to get your book written, printed, and published. You hold the key to discovering and sharing your voice. Together we will reach your goal whether that goal is to open a box of freshly printed, published books, or writing a family cookbook, or developing a script for a play. The first step toward reaching your goal is to Imagine It! Allow me to help you do that!

One of my kiddo's reading Brinley!
Brooke at Maria's Bookshop booklaunch!
1st-time author Margaret with her book Fursey!
Client Joi Whitmore, Author Photo!
Publishing Journey

Brooke's Publishing Journey

Personal Journey
Gina Hatzis!
Mommer bein' goofy!
One hard day.
A final note from my youngest to Mommer.
Marianne Williamson
My first labyrinth experience!
Dr. Tererai Trent!
Me & Gina bein' goofy!

In 2016 my daughter went to college, the same week that my mom was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Four days after dropping my daughter off at college, she shattered her leg while longboarding on campus.

            My daughter and "Mommer" both had surgery on the same day, at the same time, for very different reasons. I was 2,000 miles away from Mommer and my daughter. I didn't know where to be, so I went to work.

            This was the only way I knew how to do life that day.

I was so lost.

          Mommer passed away three weeks after her diagnosis; 3 weeks after sending my daughter out into the world.  At the time, I told myself I had lost the two most important women in my life at the same time. It's what I now call “my bathroom floor moment.” I became angry, bitter, and resentful. My pain was so deep that I pushed people away telling myself they could never understand what I was feeling.

          One morning while readying myself for work, A name popped into my head. It was the name of a long-time friend of mine whom I hadn't heard from in over a decade. The first time I heard it, I was sitting on the floor of my shower crying. All morning long, I kept hearing his name repeated in my head. 

          I finally listened and decided to message my friend. "Hey! Your name keeps popping up for me. How are you?" Immediately, he responded, "I'm great, Brooke! Good to hear from you. How are you?"

          His question gave me pause. I could either lie, you know, how ya do and say, Oh I'm fine! Things are great in my world. Blah-blah-blah.

     Or I could pay attention to what was happening and be honest. I realized there must be a reason his name came to me, so I texted back, "Actually, life's pretty shitty right now." 

     He responded by asking me to stop what I'm doing right now and buy the book, Steering By Starlight. He said, "Read it, follow the activities, even the ones that seem weird. I promise your life will shift."

          I got on and ordered the book. As I worked through the activities, my life began to change. I learned how to listen to the sensations in my body and what they were trying to tell me. I began to release cultured ideas of how I *should* be living, and learned to navigate toward things that feel good! I learned when my body was saying YES, and how to say NO when necessary.  When I started to follow my truth, magical things began to happen.

          I was invited into an elite book-club filled with inspiring, empowering women; I attended the International Women's Summit and heard from and met the most influential women of our time; I was invited to be a part of the Masterminds group for that bi-annual summit; I was invited to attend a retreat on Maui. Each of these happenings seemed to be lead by miraculous steps leading directly to the next miraculous happening. It was magical.

          In the middle of a labyrinth on Maui during that retreat, I saw the truth of my painful blocks. I learned to gently untangle that which held me back from living in full joy. I began to understand that my personal blocks came from all the stories I told myself about what I believed to be true. Throughout my entire life, my mind had been filling in the gaps for situations I didn’t understand. I began to notice that my stories were a dangerous place in which to live; they were full of one-sided beliefs and misunderstandings.

          My question became: “How do I get out of my head and live from my heart?” That was the quest I began to venture, and the reason I decided to go into coaching.

         Joy is the simple process of noticing what feels good and what feels bad. There's nothing to be done with the information - no action needs to occur! By simply noticing, you are able to shift from longing to living. It's truly that easy. It's a learned process that I can teach you in just one session.

          The tools I discovered in my journey of self-discovery which shifted my life from one of stress and inner conflict to the one I experience today that is filled with joy and bliss, are the same tools I use to coach my clients. I know these tools work because in 2019 I was tested in them again when my husband of 16 years surprised me by asking for a divorce. I knew things between us weren't perfect, but I had no idea that was coming. Immediately, I was able to center myself and hold tightly to MY truth. I was able to navigate the divorce gracefully and wholly centered throughout the process. Immediately I was able to fill myself with everything I needed to pursue a life of my dreams. Using these magical-life tools, I have found an unbelievably supportive relationship filled with laughter and fun, the home of my dreams, and a career I absolutely adore. 

         I am grateful for the pain I experienced while laying on the floor of my shower that fated morning. This is when the choice was granted to either answer the call of my soul, or to ignore it. The sound of a name guided me to discover the tools that have created the magic that is my life! The tools I played with to navigate out of pain and into joy are the same tools I use with clients to help gently untangle that which no longer serves them. Through untangling these old beliefs, and learning how to listen to your soul's truth, you are able to navigate toward a life full of bliss and imagination turned creation! Let me show you how! 


My daughter in her dorm! Proud moment!
Emo T, and Mommer experiencin the Redwoods!
Bookclub ~ My saving grace.
Inverted, matching Mom & Daughter tattoos!
Me & my bookclub girls with Glennon Doyle!
The labyrinth I built in my own backyard!
Learning lessons from Natalie Fikes!
Me & my boys at the Great Sand Dunes!

Brooke's Personal Journey

My new happy! Together we have 6!
Me & my new love!
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