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Brooke Bite: So, what do you do?

Book and Bench

This Week's Pondering:

Q: How to expand on the question: What do you do?

A: I’m looking for ways to relate with new people when we’re introduced. The question, “What do you do?” is limiting because it’s culturally specific to one topic: A Job.  How I make money is NOT who I am.

When I know I’ll be meeting new people, I answer the following questions for myself so that when the question inevitably arises, I can give a few topics about myself that someone new might want to connect further about:

What is something I love?

What have I been thinking about?

What do I enjoy?

What do I do for work?

My response sounds like this: “I’ve been loving this fall weather because I enjoy hiking and it’s allowed me to hike more. I’ve been thinking about a book I’ve been reading about serendipity, and I’m a full-time life coach and I love it because I get to watch people create their own happiness by disbelieving things they’ve always told themselves!”

Now there’s loads to explore and converse about, not just how I make money.

Your turn: How do you expand on the question, What do you do?


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