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Brooke Bite: Take a Break

Getting outside, even for a few minutes, is effective.

This Week's Pondering:

Q: How do you find solace during stressful moments?

A: I go outside.

It’s been an emotional and busy week for me. The hasty days have been a reminder that I need to step away and find solace. I’ve been instructing eleven new life-coach trainees, and we’re talking a lot about developing a connection between our mind & body.

Teaching the importance of developing this relationship reminds me to continue my own work. When I notice a tug in my chest, it’s my cue to step away from whatever I’m working on, and do something as simple as step outside for a walk, or even just a deep breath of fresh air – arms raised like a sunrise over my head.

This single action is enough to connect with myself and creates a calmness moving forward.

P.S. It’s not uncommon that I need to do this multiple times an hour.

Hit Reply and Tell me: What do you do to find solace during your own stressful moments?


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