Coaching Testimonials:

"This session was better than sex!"

-Anonymous Client

"Since I can remember, I have wanted to write a book. For decades, I've started and stopped, not knowing which way to go. Someone recommended Brooke to me and she has absolutely been the catalyst I needed to move forward in my desire to write a memoir! From the beginning, Brooke's gentle guidance and calming presence put me in the "write" frame of mind. The roadblocks I had to writing were quickly dissolved within our first few sessions. Not only was I generating content, but I was also learning how to stop trying to be a perfectionist along the way. Brooke provided guidance, accountability, and insights that are proving to be the exact formula I needed! When I again started to hit roadblocks along the way, she kindly and gently re-routed me back to where I could be consistent and productive. I have no doubts that I will achieve the goals she has helped me set. I highly recommend Brooke for her amazing coaching skills and expertise and I am so proud to include her in my book's acknowledgments and dedication!"

     -Joi Whitmore

"Brooke Smith is a life coach who will lovingly help you and guide you on your journey to a better you.  If you are stuck she will help you become a new you.  She has helped me in the lowest point of my life and now with her guidance I have become much lighter and joyful and true me."

     -Jenna Stumpf

"Brooke has this way of making you feel totally calm and comfortable. She helped me pull up the curtain on some things that I have been ignoring for a while and I left our session feeling clearer and more focused on how to tap in to and explore my passion with more intention. I have been doing my “homework” and have noticed I am more intentional with my time and I am feeling less scattered and distracted. Thank you Brooke for holding the space and helping me tap back into my magical self!  I can’t wait to see what our next session will bring."

     –Liz Palomba

"Brooke gave me the best coaching experience of my life. Simple, straight forward tools that helped me deal with my blocks in such an amazing, down to Earth, practical way, that without much struggle, they crumbled to pieces in front of my eyes, even the ones I had been struggling with for years." 


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