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Sunset and Golden Hour on the Rim Trail During Summer.jpg
Sunset and Golden Hour on the Rim Trail During Summer.jpg

Write Along:
         a  5 day writer's retreat

May 6-10, 2024

Can you envision yourself writing in this mountain town for 5 full days? If you're looking for a writer's retreat that offers everything your heart desires - magical location, great food, inspirational activities, PLENTY of writing time, and just a bit of connection, look no further! 

Writing by the Water

Fulfill your writing desires!

WRITE ALONG: A writer's retreat

For those seeking time, inspiration and a touch of connection!

A 5-day, all-inclusive writing retreat for those seeking TIME to get your project to the next level, INSPIRATION from a master certified life-coach and author, and CONNECTION from writing peers who are in a similar place with your writing project!

Each morning, you will be offered a Sunlight Before Screen Light activity to get your right brain online before your left-brain kicks in. These include Yoga or Meditation or Creative playshops.

Breakfast is served by the gourmet General Palmer Hotel staff where you can either dine with peers in the dining room, or an open area in the hotel, or if you're feeling more reserved, you are welcome to eat in your room.

I will be offering 1:1 coaching sessions throughout the day for those who would like to discuss their writing, or those who are feeling writer's block, and consulting services to discuss publishing, editing, beta reading and other writing situations.

Lunch will be delivered to the hotel each day so you are uninterrupted in your writing flow. Once again, you are welcome to dine in the dining area, or in the areas throughout the hotel, you can dine on the balconies, or in a park, or in your room.

You are invited to join an outdoor adventures each afternoon to different locations throughout Durango to experience nature in different ways. Bring your writing device along for the journey because once you arrive, you will have time to write in a unique setting!

Every evening our group of writers will walk to one of the many downtown 5-star restaurants to experience unique menus and have the connection writers so often neglect due to our endeavors. There will be discussion topics, and group coaching topics, too!

There are some bonus opportunities are included too:

  • You're invited to join writing peers to visit the Durango Hot Springs!

  • You will be invited to have your professional author photo taken;

  • You will be invited to a scavenger hunt;

  • You are invited to a dance party!

Throughout this description, I say "invited to participate" because nothing is mandatory! If you feel like staying in to complete a particularly tricky section in your project, you are welcome to do so! If you are feeling drawn to play with your peers to engage your right-brain, please join! These are not *add-ons*. They're already included in the price so that you can feel your way through the retreat, participate when you'd like; and sit back when that feels best.


Everyone gets their own unique, private, room at the hotel. All food that is served are specially ordered - you choose your meals!

I will gift you with presents throughout the retreat. You will be spoiled rotten!

Ready to Register?

The price of this all-inclusive Writer's Retreat is:


When you bring a friend, both  you & your friend will receive 10% off! 

If you have questions, click this link  to book a call!

click here to register if you're ready to sign up!

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