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Writer's Package: 6 sessions

You yearn to write, but find you just don't do it. Why? What is stopping you? I use inquiry and accountability to help find your way through any stop-points. Pen-to-paper, manuscript-to-publication, let's get you writing!

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This package includes 6 weekly sessions. At the beginning of our time together, we will discover your Big Why - why do you really want to write? What do you want to write? How will you feel when you have reached that Big Why? We will work together to accomplish your wildest writing goals! When you feel blocked, we'll coach you out of whatever it is that blocks you, acknowledging the feelings you want to feel by accomplishing your goal.

When you have questions about the writing steps (publishing, vulnerability blocks, how, why, who to hire, etc), I will help you discover your options and your answers. There is no need to rely on google to figure out how the writing and publishing world works! I hold the answers to your next step; meanwhile, your only task is to gently navigate the step you are currently on. Whether you have a novel completely written, or if you haven't yet set pen-to-paper, this package is for you! Sometimes these sessions look like "how-to's" and sometimes they look like accountability coaching, and sometimes we need to dive deeper into your core self needs and desires to keep you moving forward.

At the end of our 6-sessions together, we will recognize how far you have come from the day we started working together. We will reestablish goals, and learn whether we should continue working together, working toward new goals, or if you have reached the goal you established in the beginning of our time together. 

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