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Shift-to-Bliss PROGRAM

No matter where you sit in your life, there's always something that could improve. This package creates the shift you crave!

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If you're ready to level-up your life, this program is for you!

You begin the program with:

  • A feeling of discomfort in your life;
  • Longing for more;
  • A feeling of dissatisfaction;
  • You wake up bored, or unhappy;
  • You long to live a blissful life!

You finish the program with:

  • The ability to recognize and honor what is showing up in your life and what it's trying to show you;
  • You know how to notice what you're feeling, where it presents in your body, and how to shift the messiness into feelings of bliss and freedom;
  • You wake up energized and you simply can't wait to start your day;
  • You live from a place of inspiration and delight;
  • You fret less, argue less with others and with yourself, and you love everything that shows up in your life.

The $600/month Shift to Bliss Program Includes:

  • Two sessions each week, for three months;
  • Access to me through email, text, and Facebook Messenger;
  • A free coupon to one of my workshops each month for yourself, or you can give it to a friend;
  • A link to a free mini-session to share with a friend, or to use on yourself for that extra nudge!

What you can expect in this program:

  • Our first session together will include a Body Compass analysis - this is the basis for all of my coaching;
  • Throughout our time together we will notice when situations and circumstances feel like freedom, and when they feel shackling;
  • Then we dig deep - why did it feel good? Why did it feel bad? Why did you do the thing that caused you pain?
  • We work around the realization and recognition that it is our thoughts that cause us pain, not necesserally the situations we find ourselves in, or the people we surround ourselves with. The tough work is to learn to untangle those thought patterns that cause the blocks in our lives;
  • Recognizing where your behaviors are tied into beliefs and cultural norms and then move out of those social constraints where necessary;
  • Coaching is learning to constantly adjust toward things that feel blissful and disconnecting from everything that feels negative;
  • At the end of the program, you will know how to navigate toward your True North.

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