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Client Success:

Published Feb. 2022

Published Feb. 2022

Published Jan. 2022

Published Jul. 2021

Published May 2019

Published Sep. 2019

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Each of these clients/now authors or business owners have a unique story. One elderly client was being taken advantage of by her illustrator. I worked with her to learn that there was no binding contract and she was able to release him. Three months later, she published her book using the proceeds to help fund her church!


Another client was dissatisfied with her current career as a business owner. She had a wildly improbable goal (a "WIG" which is a coaching term I use with clients), to own an apple orchard and help pay for the orchard through book sales and tree adoptions. A few months after working with me, things fell into place! She purchased her orchard, left her job, and hasn't looked back!


What's your story?

Why do you want to write a book?


Working with me, you will be able to transform your dream of authorship into a manifested reality!

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