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Playing with imagination to create the life of your dreams! 

"Brooke gave me the best coaching experience of my life. Simple, straightforward tools that helped me deal with my blocks in such an amazing, down to Earth, practical way, so that without much struggle, they crumbled to pieces in front of my eyes! Even the blocks that I had been struggling with for years." 


What's New?

You're ready for Life-coaching if:

  • You're experiencing a big life change, grief, or a significant loss;

  • You've tried therapy, meditation, yoga, and the entire self-help section of the local bookshop;

  • You catch yourself asking, "What's my purpose? What am I supposed to be doing?";

  • You feel angry, regretful, or resentful;

  • You would like to set wild goals and have accountability while achieving them!


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Wanna Write

a book?

Writer's coaching is for you if:

  • You have an idea for a book, but don't know where to begin;

  • You've written a book and don't know how to publish;

  • You'd like  help navigating the process for copyright,  ISBN, LCCN, layout/design, editing, and publishing for your book?

I have been both traditionally and self-published. I understand the pros & cons of each and the steps necessary to navigate the publishing process!

  • While on a journey to "find myself," I tried therapy, self-help books, relying on my people, and meditation. I never thought to ask MySelf for my own answers.

  • In therapy, I repeated the stories I had rehearsed my entire life. At the end of a session, I realized that I know my stories inside and out, backward and forward. They're the same "traumas" I've recited throughout my life. 

  • Therapy served its purpose, but  I outgrew it.

  • It was time for a perspective shift; a life change.

  • Opportunities began to appear the moment I learned how to say YES, and NO when either was appropriate for ME.

  • I read a plethora of philosophical books.

  • I came to terms with my pain-blame in the midst of a labyrinth and began to release the stories, resentments, and beliefs that attached me to my pain.

  • I learned how to listen to MySelf.

  • I discovered my integrity: The integration of my external life with my internal truth.

  • I got out of my head and followed my heart.

  • Allow me to walk alongside you so you can live with full integrity and navigate toward your bliss!

  • You have the answers you seek. They're tangled up inside of you, stuck in stories, and hiding behind "traumas".

Let's play with imagination to create the life of your dreams!

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