Brooke Smith, Certified Coach

Pen to paper, manuscript to publication; let's get you writing!

"Brooke has absolutely been the catalyst I need to move forward in my desire to write! She has provided guidance, accountability, and insights that are proving to be the exact formula I need to accomplish the [writing] goals she has helped me set!"                                    

~Joi Whitmore

Writer's coaching is for you if:

  • You have an idea for a book, but don't know where to begin;

  • You've written a book and don't know how to publish;

  • You'd like  help navigating the process for copyright,  ISBN, LCCN, layout/design, editing, and publishing for your book?

I have been both traditionally and self-published. I understand the pros & cons of each and the steps necessary to navigate the publishing process!


Wanna Write

a book?

Meet Brooke's clients:

Meet Brooke:

My writing journey has provided experience in both traditional and

self-publishing and I have mutual respect for both. 

I've learned how to navigate the publishing world and can hold your hand

as you walk the path as well!

I hold the tools to help you navigate the entire writing spectrum. 

From writer's block to vulnerability hangovers, to time-management, and understanding the editorial process, layout/design, illustrations,

to ISBN, LCCN, and Copyright.

Don't Google a single term before talking to me!

I hold the information to your next step,

as you playfully navigate the step you're currently on!

Pen to paper, manuscript to publication; let's get you writing!


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