"Your coaching is better than therapy."

~Every client I have worked with.


Here's my story:

For years I went to weekly therapy sessions.

I learned to tell my stories with the ease of a Great English Novelist.

(I am a writer, after all.)

Therapy worked for a long time.

Until one day, it didn't.

I knew my stories inside and out, backward and forward. 

Nobody could sway me from what I *knew to be true*.

But I knew my stories weren't my truth.

Therapy held me in my stories.

I was ready to move beyond my stories.

I was ready to create the life I couldn't even imagine - yet.

I fired Therapy and tried on different techniques.

I landed in Coaching.

If you're unsure about what coaching is, try me!

Our first call is super inexpensive - and my coaching is way cheaper than therapy! 


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